How To Book Qatar Meet Assist

How to book Qatar Meet & Assist

How to book Doha Meet and Assist at Qatar Airport

Time needed: 9 minutes

A simple 5 step guide how to book Doha Meet & Greet

  1. See services and prices

    Read all the options on our website. See the “airport meet & assist service prices“, and read that “local service descriptions” for the Airport through which you are passing. If you prefer you can receive this information in an E-mail. Just contact us through the a “request a quote” form, and we will reply with the details, options and costs by return e-mail.

  2. Send your order

    After reviewing the options or a quote, just order the meet greet service. Give us the date, flight & passenger information. We will tell you the final cost, and generate a payment link.

  3. Pay with a credit card

    We accept Credit cards. We use a secure PCI compliant third-party payment gateway. You enter your card details into it, we never ask for and we never see any your private or card information. If you have a PayPal account you can pay using your PayPal balance. All our prices are shown and charged in USD. This page covers how to book Fast Track and pay for the service you need, so that it is guaranteed and confirmed, well before you start your journey.

  4. Get the order confirmation

    We will send a confirmation E-mail containing the details of the service you ordered for the meet greet reservation. Also, there will be a link to a special chat line direct to our book meet assist dispatch and rez team control centre.

  5. Receive a local contact number

    Greeters use radios. They don’t use cell phones. When we confirm your booking we will send the local airport supervisor number to call just in case there is a problem. That is it, everything is done. See FAQs for more

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